Can I mint more than one NFT at once?

Yes, certainly. You can mint many ERC721 NFTs or SBTs for many wallets under one blockchain transaction. You need to provide the same amount of files and wallet addresses. Each file will be stored in one NFT with a unique token ID for each wallet. The files are stored on IPFS decentralized data storage network. The order shall be the first file selected and uploaded will be saved in the first NFT for the first wallet on the list. For example, if you selected file1.png to be the first to be uploaded and the wallet 0x8d0CE07483596c76e0C8bB17Eb32e7dA7e3d270c is the first on your list of addresses, then this wallet will own the NFT containing the file fiel1.png and the token ID shall be 0.

Do note that you can’t create multiple NFTs for one single wallet at once. This applies to public and private NFTs.