UPDATE: Now You Can Mint Many NFTs for Multiple Wallets At Once


UPDATE: Now You Can Mint Many NFTs for Multiple Wallets At Once

We achieved a compelling milestone today by elevating our dapp to allow the process of minting multiple NFTs for multiple wallets under one blockchain transaction.

To experience this, create an ERC721 NFT smart contract and upload the number of files you wish to store inside each NFT, and paste an equivalent number of wallet addresses. For example, if you wish to mint 30 NFTs, upload 30 files and 30 addresses. The first file you uploaded will be for the first NFT and for the first wallet on the list, and so on, so forth.

Each file is uploaded to IPFS via nft.storage compliments of Filecoin and each NFT is compatible with OpenSea, Rarible and Blur, as shown in this metadata.json file.

We currently capped the number of NFTs you can mint at once to 30 tokens. Do note that nft.storage does have a rate limit on uploads with 200 requests per minute, so it’s best to perform a test on testnet prior to bulk minting on main network.

Create multiple nfts for many wallets at once

We envisage an array of use cases that could exploit this compelling feature such as minting multiple NFT collectible tickets, NFT coupons, NFT certificates, and even NFT summons by law enforcers.