UPDATE: Mint Multiple Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) for Multiple Wallets At Once


UPDATE: Mint Multiple Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) for Multiple Wallets At Once

We now further empower you to bulk mint soulbound tokens (SBTs) for many wallets under one single blockchain transaction, just after we enabled our bulk minting feature for NFTs.

This milestone means you could deploy an ERC721 contract on our platform and conveniently create multiple SBTs for different wallet addresses at once without knowing blockchain coding at all.

An SBT is essentially an NFT with a restricted transfer function. Thus, we imagine an array of use cases that could exploit this feature, especially when you wish to prevent users from transferring out their NFTs from their wallets. Some use cases that you could employ immediately are non-transferrable NFT coupons, NFT certificates, and also NFT traffic tickets by law enforcers.

Another compelling use case for bulk minting SBT is in implementing self-sovereign identities. You could issue multiple soulbound tokens that identify each user via their wallet addresses. Each SBT could contain identifiable information about the wallet holder, such as country of birth, age qualification (above 18), ownership of licenses, and clients of a particular organization, without spilling all the beans about the particular individual, hence, fortified with zero knowledge proof.