What IDE is the best to start Solidity coding?

Best IDE to start Solidity coding

Without a doubt, Remix IDE is the most recommended IDE (integrated development environment) to use when you’re starting Solidity programming. Because it is lightweight, easy to use, and works with off-the-shelf.

There’s no installation required and everything is handled online. You can even easily import OpenZeppelin industrial-grade smart contract code into Remix with a few clicks via the OpenZeppelin Wizard.

You don’t have to mess with Hardhat or Truffle, or any other plugins or coding frameworks. Just fire away!

Remix IDE works with or without popular wallets such as MetaMask. If you don’t have a wallet ready, you may use the Remix VM to test out your Solidity code.

Once you got the hang of Solidity coding, you may always upgrade to a more advanced IDE.

The only catch is your code may disappear after you cleared your browser’s cookies. But there’s a convenient backup feature that lets you backup all your code and restore it without a hassle.